Co. will operate under Radian Asset Assurance name
by Inman Jun 1
Agents can participate in new listserv discussion
by Inman Jun 1
Buyer plans to build 200 units
by Inman Jun 1
Purchases 5 apartment buildings on Upper East Side
by Inman Jun 1
Hendricks & Partners' Newport Beach office handles sale
by Inman Jun 1
But negotiating discount has its drawbacks
by Rebert Bruss Jun 1
Reverse mortgage eligibility plays key role in timing
by Jack Guttentag Jun 1
Home sellers covet fewer contingencies, faster closings
by Dian Hymer Jun 1
Get an appraisal to establish new stepped-up basis
by Rebert Bruss Jun 1
Inspector clarifies misunderstandings, offers homeowner advice
by Barry Stone Jun 1
Don't let bad or no credit stop you from buying a home
by Rebert Bruss May 28
Consumers second-guess judgment in a sea of media marketing
by Arrol Gellner May 28
Learn how to keep that paint where it belongs
by Paul Bianchina May 28
This week's terror warning scares markets, slows gains
by Lou Barnes May 28
How to succeed in real estate (Part 3)
by Bernice Ross May 28