Terms of the deal were not disclosed
by Gill South | Sep 7
10-point standard in use for 17 years found to be unconstitutionally vague
by Ken Harney | Dec 3
Louisville law firm will fight allegations that joint title insurance ventures were sham businesses
by Ken Harney | Nov 5
Company says defunct joint title ventures were operated in compliance with RESPA
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Regulators reviewing proposal after NAR warns of unintended consequences
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Leads360 Express prioritizes leads, sends emails, tracks conversion rates
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Consultant's blog post fuels debate over use of MLS data
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App also offers mortgages and insurance through company's subsidiaries
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Loan officers at New American Mortgage keep desks in brokerage's offices
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New American Mortgage loan officers will be present in brokerage offices
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A better way to shop for mortgages
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Why your loan may be denied
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Prospect Mortgage agrees to $3.1M fine, denies allegations
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HUD revisiting rules for affiliated businesses
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50,000 checks sent over alleged overpayment for hazard reports
by Matt Carter | Jul 15