According to Down Payment Resource's latest report, 81% of down payment assistance programs in Q3 still had funding for homebuyers
by Marian McPherson Sep 11
Limited income was the most cited factor holding back non-homeowners from saving, according to a new survey released Thursday by the National Association of Realtors
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 17
There's no rhyme or reason in the world why the homebuying and selling process should be so archaic and inefficient for consumers
by Subrao Shenoy Mar 3
Anticipate, prepare, plan, and practice your responses again and again
by Cara Ameer Apr 12
Save and share this helpful infographic with your clients
by Jake Durtschi Jun 27
Keep sellers apprised about the smaller, unexpected expenses related to home prep, sales taxes and commissions
by Marian McPherson May 25
And 35 percent of buyers were surprised by higher-than-expected closing costs
by Marian McPherson Feb 16
Bankrate surveyed up to 10 lenders in each state to find the average cost of closing fees
by Kimberly Manning Aug 12
Prioritize the projects that will bring the most value
by Cara Ameer Jul 18
What consumers should know before home shopping
Deposits necessary to purchase a home are being diverted into hacker accounts, leaving buyers high and dry
by Marian McPherson Mar 19
Provide your clients with extra value by using this illustrated list to help them avoid refi faux pas
by Inman Nov 2
Bankrate says closing costs dropped 7 percent in the last year as more buyers weighed their options
by Amy Tankersley Aug 3
Use this guide to educate your clients
by Boom Rizal Jul 6