Read Inman's exclusive Blueprint for winning in real estate in 2023
Real estate's brightest leaders shared their thoughts on the market, the bombshell commission lawsuits and how the industry might change in the future during Inman CEO Connect this month
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 24
Take Inman's first-ever bombshell commission lawsuit survey here
A pair of explosive lawsuits could upend how brokers do business. As those suits come closer to trial, tell us how you feel about those cases and how prepared the industry is for the repercussions
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 21
Does the commission lawsuit spell the end for NAR? The Real Word
This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White are talking about year-end home sales numbers, Jason Oppenheim's commission lawsuit comments, and the weekly media review Left, Middle, Right
by Byron Lazine Feb 2
Judge 'baffled' why Anywhere won't give up NAR commission rule docs
Judge M. Page Kelley pushed back against the real estate holding company formerly known as Realogy, noting that NAR's broker commission rule is 'virtually identical' to that of MLS PIN
by Andrea V. Brambila Sep 26
Real estate isn't a piece of cake. So why are we selling that lie?
If we want to be seen as ethical, honorable, valuable professionals — we need to earn it. Think more accurate messaging, stop the false 'quick and easy' sales pitches, and leave cake to bakeries
NAR heads into midyear gathering while under siege on multiple fronts
The National Association of Realtors, which boasts 1.5M members, will tackle real estate's hottest topics a week after suffering a series of legal setbacks in court. Here's a breakdown of the agenda
by Jim Dalrymple II May 2
'Brain exploding!': Agents, brokers torn over commission suit ruling
Agents and brokers told Inman they're reeling over a federal court's decision to grant class action status in a commission suit that could rock the real estate industry by changing how they're paid
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 27
NAR launches website to enlist Realtors in 'court of public opinion'
The National Association of Realtors' legal team says members can help the trade group fight its antitrust war while the association fends off the DOJ, REX and various commission lawsuits
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 18
REX takes aim at Zillow with new lawsuit
REX alleges Zillow shift to IDX feed is 'driving consumers away from REX'
by Patrick Kearns Mar 9
'Paradigm shift': Realtors weigh in on the buyer commission lawsuit
Some pros predict more dual agency deals and the disappearance of buyer's agents, while others think the industry will end up where it started but with more disclosures to sign
Judge denies motion by NAR to dismiss buyer commission lawsuit
Judge Andrea Wood argued that the plaintiffs would have paid 'substantially lower commissions' if not for the buyer broker commission rules
by Patrick Kearns Oct 5
'We're just scratching the surface': EXp CEO on living in a virtual world
Glenn Sanford's company continues to grow by impressive leaps, but in 2019 it also focused on ancillary services and building out technology
by Patrick Kearns Jan 14
DOJ filing indicates wider probe into buyer's broker commissions
In a new filing Monday, DOJ claims the National Association of Realtors is 'inaccurately portraying' a 2008 consent decree in its defense in buy-side commission lawsuit
by Patrick Kearns Oct 1