How technology changed the real estate game
Emerging technologies applied in industries such as ours reflect a new generation of entrepreneurs' ambitions. Ignore these trends at your own risk
by Jay Thompson Jul 24
Daily interest: A festering sore in consumer loan markets
Learning the difference between types of home loans can mean a big difference for your bank account
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A laughing young woman on her computer offers mortgage management and homeownership tools to consumers
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Happy birthday, TRID: A year in, here's what Realtors think of you
NAR survey finds pros and cons for agents in the first year under the new mortgage transaction regime
by Amy Tankersley Oct 4
PropertyShark offers national listings for rentals and sales
PropertyShark will utilize Point2's technology to supplement research data platform
by Britt Chester Jul 20
Is TRID helping consumers like the CFPB intended?
Although the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule was created to make the homebuying process simpler and easier, a ClosingCorp survey suggests that experienced buyers are encountering ‘unexpected costs, fees and surprises’
by Amy Tankersley Mar 15
What agents need to know about consumer tracking
If you or your vendors don't disclose consumer tracking, there could be a price to pay
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Are mortgage borrowers paying for the costs of TRID?
American Bankers Association survey says banks are struggling under the compliance burden — and it’s trickling down to consumers
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Mortgage complaints rank high on list of consumer beefs in December
Citibank, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase experienced the highest volume of grievances
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Opinion: How to be a totally fearless real estate agent
The conscious professional doesn't wither against competition
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First-ever Home Purchase Sentiment Index shows waning housing market optimism
Monthly Fannie Mae index provides new insights into housing market climate
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10 things that need to happen for mortgages to be a click away: Part 1
It could be as easy as planning a vacation
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Guaranteed Rate’s online mortgage application process attracts thousands
Company says more consumers interested in using technology to shop for their own home loan quotes
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How content marketing can drive bottom-line results
Creating Web content in various forms is your best bet for a thriving business
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Mortgage defaults are up, but analysts aren't concerned
S&P/Experian Consumer Credit Default Indices say data actually reflects consumer optimism
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