WomanUP! 2023, WomanUP!, CAR
Women gathered to share how to move forward in challenging times — together — at WomanUP! 2023. Here’s a splinter of the wisdom they shared and why it matters so much right now
by Dani Vanderboegh Jun 26
Women in real estate are having a moment, and it's about damn time
Women in the industry are raising hands and taking action. They’re not talking about glass ceilings or not enough seats at the table anymore; they’re creating new tables
by Dani Vanderboegh Sep 13
6 traits female leaders lean on during uncertainty
As part of a panel at Inman Connect Las Vegas, WomanUp! co-founders Debra Trappen and Sara Sutachan shared takeaways from their survey of hundreds of women in real estate leadership
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How saying 'yes' changed the careers of 4 female real estate pros
'Don't say 'no' in fear, say 'yes' to success,' advised broker Sabrina Brown during the first day of the California Association of Realtor's WomanUP! 2020 virtual event
Finding your tribe: Where women in real estate can go for support
How C.A.R.’s WomanUp! initiative is driving a re-evaluation of the role of women in real estate leadership
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WATCH: How to thrive through turbulent times
Debra Trappen, a coach and strategy consultant, challenges you to embrace change and get out of your comfort zone
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Why attending Inman Connect was a business booster
Plus takeaways from other conference goers
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5 takeaways from the REW Summit
What Steve Jolly learned from the experts who spoke at the conference
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5 key elements of a brilliant first impression
Essential ways to connect with clients
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