Arizona Realtors can stay hot with new DirectOffer partnership
This is the 2nd such partnership the real estate technology company has secured lately, having also agreed to work with the Realtor Association of Metropolitan Pittsburg, DirectOffer said
by Craig C. Rowe Aug 1
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion improves homebuying for individuals with disabilities
We need to work on improving diversity, equity and inclusion in the homebuying journey in order to foster a sense of belonging for all
by Amanda Deering Oct 31
7 tips for helping a client with disabilities find their dream home
It can be difficult to consider all of the factors your clients may need to consider when they're dealing with mobility issues, vision impairments or other challenges
by Amanda Deering Oct 31
Open up your open house! 5 tips for ensuring everyone has access
Homebuyers have different needs. You can bring inclusiveness to your open house in order to open the doors to individuals with disabilities
by Amanda Deering Oct 31
Hire Impossible? Nope. DirectOffer lands Jennifer Berman as COO
The widely recognized industry leader will be charged with leveraging her decades of expertise in real estate sales, technology development and leadership to push proptech into the future
by Craig C. Rowe May 11
DirectOffer brings new ideas to consumer search and listing marketing: Tech Review
DirectOffer took a common concept in sales (showing the competitive landscape) and found a unique way to put it in front of the market
by Craig C. Rowe Dec 13
7 up-and-coming tech companies real estate pros should know
At Inman Connect Las Vegas, a group of innovative technology change makers hawked their wares to a tech-savvy audience
by Craig C. Rowe Nov 4
Inman announces first round of Property Pavilion and Startup Alley exhibitors for ICLV21
Inman Connect carves out specialized spaces for startups and property investment brands