Pushback on DEI progress ignores the business case for diversity
Recent legal decisions have cast doubt on the value of DEI initiatives. Keller Williams Head of Inclusion and Belonging Julia Lashay Israel outlines why they're more impactful than ever
Mother's day
Not sure what to get your favorite mom or 'office mom' for Mother's Day? Here are 5 things that are guaranteed to be on their wish list
by Rachael Hite May 12
5 key questions to ask your seller facing foreclosure
Taking on a foreclosure listing is a big challenge. Make sure you ask these questions first to determine whether listing the home is the best solution for the homeowner
by Minna Reid Jan 18
Prices may be dropping, but homes still have loads of equity
As prices began to fall, home equity held strong. Even the most distressed properties held positive equity in Q3 2022, according to a new report from Attom.
by Daniel Houston Nov 2
Going beyond Pride: Practical ways to be an ally all year long
Pride is not just a once of year celebration, it should be recognized year-round. Read on as one agent shares their personal story of hope and the courage to speak up for better
by Nicholas Acosta Jun 24
6 steps to increase diversity in both your office and business plan
Studies show that businesses that embrace diversity are more successful than their competitors. Team leaders should reevaluate their workplace and business plan for growth for today's modern consumer
'OK Boomer': Older homebuyers make gains as millennials struggle
Baby boomers made gains over first-time homebuyers in the decade before the pandemic, growing to 24% of recent home purchases in 2019, according to a new analysis from Zillow
by Daniel Houston Oct 14
Underwater homeowners gain breathing room as prices climb
Fewer properties are considered seriously underwater now that rising home prices have put homeowners with mortgages in a better position
by Daniel Houston Aug 9
Real (Estate) Talk: 7 essential steps in the anti-racist pro's journey
Acknowledgment is a much-needed first step — but it's only the beginning. For people of color to experience a greater sense of equity, inclusion and justice in diversity work, these steps are vital
by Lee Davenport Jul 16
Real (Estate) Talk: How one firm is making Dr. King's dream a reality
Modern research confirms diversity promotes and correlates with business success rather than scarcity — and one real estate company is pushing to make this a reality through its mentorship program. Here's how
by Lee Davenport Mar 24
CBC Mortgage Agency names its first-ever diversity, equity and inclusion officer
The company tapped current Director of Government Affairs Tai Christensen to lead the company's diversity, equity and inclusion efforts alongside of committee of 15 employees
by Marian McPherson Mar 10
Real (Estate) Talk: How to push for accountability in our associations
Although some associations attempt to advocate marginalized voices, the stated intent is often far from the actual impact. Speaking up to seek accountability for authentic justice, equity, diversity and inclusion is what this moment requires from us all
by Lee Davenport Feb 25
Real (Estate) Talk: What is diversity without inclusion, equity or justice?
Although some associations attempt to be a beacon of belonging, if you whip out a magnifying glass, it is glaringly obvious that these diversity and inclusion councils are in name only. Here are the ramifications of that
by Lee Davenport Feb 25
Real (Estate) Talk: How to be an antiracist real estate pro
Impact is greater than intentions. The solution then is not solely to be a well-meaning real estate professional but an actively antiracist one. Here are a few resources to help you
by Lee Davenport Feb 10