When will prices cool? Here are the factors at play
Home prices are spiraling out of control. There are several reasons prices just keep climbing, but it can't last forever. Here's what it'll take for prices to even out
by Andrew Syrios Aug 21
Cesar Altieri Sayoc header photo
Property records show that the suspect behind 13 bombs mailed to former President Obama, the Clintons and Robert De Niro among others had a Florida home foreclosed on in 2009
by Patrick Kearns Oct 26
A Wells Fargo bank
Nearly half of income-based loans the bank issued after it relaxed requirements defaulted, according to US Attorney
by Patrick Kearns Aug 2
Tenants across America are being exploited by corporate landlords, report finds
Three activist groups say institutional investors have turned the American Dream into a 'nightmare' and are 'price-gouging' tenants with tactics reminiscent of payday lenders
by Teke Wiggin Jan 17
Everything an agent needs to know to master market literacy
Consumers want agents who offer market insights
by Steve Cook May 3
Housing bust muddles modern homeowner equity perceptions
Two reports suggest that how homeowners feel about tapping into their equity may depend on how the financial crisis affected them
by Amy Tankersley Feb 23
Money Anxiety Index shows consumer financial anxiety has improved -- slightly
Survey says consumers are still battling financial stress and worry, but how is that affecting their housing market outlook?
by Amy Tankersley Jul 6
Freddie Mac's Primary Mortgage Market Survey shows high rates, international volatility
Interest rates are at their highest levels since last fall as economists eye Greek crisis and Fed's expected rate hike
by Amy Tankersley Jul 6
What’s holding back Hispanic homeownership?
Report highlights gap between demographic's homeownership goals, ability to fund home purchase
by Amy Tankersley Jun 2
Fannie Mae’s 1Q income nosedives
Shortfall could impact proposal to increase CEO compensation
by Amy Tankersley May 8
Quicken Loans strikes back against government demands
Lender alleges DOJ and HUD are ‘strong-arming’ company into admitting it mishandled FHA loans
by Amy Tankersley Apr 21
BofA finally puts Countrywide's mortgage misdeeds behind it with approved $8.5B settlement
New York Supreme Court Appellate Division upholds settlement from 2011
by Amy Tankersley Mar 10
World events put inflation fears to rest
Commentary: Deep losses have afflicted both the guilty and the innocent
by Lou Barnes Apr 19
An industry at the crossroads
by Jack Guttentag Jul 2