Looking to reduce expenses? Consider cutting your lead spend. If you’re willing to invest some extra time, you can generate your own leads for free and liberate yourself from paying for today's costly leads
by Pat Hiban Aug 26
Don’t FSBO your financial future, seek professional help
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Investment experts Michael Hills and Whitney Nicely share what newbie investors need to know about the upsides and downsides of investing in residential or commercial real estate
by Marian McPherson Feb 4
Nine out of 10 Realtors endure fluctuating incomes and tax complexities, study says. The Center of Realtor Financial Wellness aims to help Realtors 'take charge' of finances.
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The earlier you plan for and take action toward retirement, the better
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The first step is planning for your prosperity
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Mortgage Credit Certificates offer your clients expanded opportunities
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Your goal is to tell your money what to do, not let it get away from you on an impulse
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Integration of financial planning tool into listing sites slated for January
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Tool helps buyers evaluate whether homes are a good fit with their financial goals
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Financial planning software adds agent branding, referral technology and auto-update reminders
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