Home price gains continue to climb in third quarter
A new report from Attom Data Solutions found that 77% of metros analyzed posted double-digit annual home price gains
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 21
House flipping rates decline while profit margins rise across the U.S.
The climbing profit margins are a reflection of how home prices have continued to stay steady, and even increase in some areas, during the pandemic
by Lillian Dickerson Sep 16
Home flipping climbs to 14-year high while returns hit 9-year low
The number of single-family homes and condominiums flipped in the first quarter of 2020 reached 53,705 — up 7.3% year over year to its highest level since the second quarter of 2006, according to Attom Data Solutions' latest home flipping report
by Lillian Dickerson Jun 11
The 10 up-and-coming markets expected to boom by 2025
Healthy job growth, affordable housing and strong home price appreciation will make these metros homebuying hotspots over the next decade
by Marian McPherson Dec 11
Skiier skiing ski colorado
The Fort Collins and Colorado Springs markets will work in tandem with a larger Denver office that opened in October
Home sellers receive highest returns since 2007, report says
San Francisco, San Jose and LA among metros with highest gains compared to purchase price
by Jennifer Riner Apr 20
How one real estate firm's innovative storefront draws in clients
A lifestyle visitor's center gives real estate company owner branding and lead generation opportunities
by Gill South Nov 19