Revenue decline across the moving industry could hover between 12.2% and 19.9%, according to a new study from
by Lillian Dickerson Jun 23
Robert Reffkin is inviting his company’s approximately 15,000 agents to guide 15% of their spend to Black-owned companies or vendors
by Patrick Kearns Jun 8
Days of coronavirus-induced stock selloffs have driven the share price of numerous companies, including many in the real estate industry, plummeting
by Jim Dalrymple II Feb 27
Ribbon sees itself as a kind of credit card for homebuying and aims to make consumers who need financing more competitive
by Jim Dalrymple II Oct 29
The new leaders — none of whom have backgrounds in real estate — have previous experience working at Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and in the venture capital industry
by Jim Dalrymple II Oct 14
The backers of, a startup that digitizes the mortgage process, include Citi, Goldman Sachs, Ally Financial and American Express Ventures
by Patrick Kearns Aug 19
Authorities say Hamed Ettu, 44, illegally purchased call options in Move, the operator of
by Patrick Kearns Jul 18
Former Carlyle Group exec Kristen Ankerbrandt will oversee financials, including acquisitions and growth
by Patrick Kearns Nov 19
NFL linebacker Mychal Kendricks made $279,000 selling Move Inc. stock after the company was acquired by News Corp.
by Patrick Kearns Aug 29
Marks beginning of ongoing strategic partnership between the two companies
by Marian McPherson Jan 11
Tech-driven L.A.-based startup operates outside the MLS
by Jotham ​Sederstrom Jan 10
Rehabilitation and new construction to deliver 710 affordable apartments
by Jennifer Riner Sep 23

Goldman Sachs’ $5 billion and Wells Fargo’s $1.2 billion settlements of mortgage wrongdoing would be grounds for giggling if it were not all so painful. Goldman has — at last — this week settled with the Department of Justice for securitizing bad loans from 2005-2007, and Wells for lousy underwriting of FHA loans from 2001-2008.

by Lou Barnes Apr 13
Here's a tale of an all-female team that recently moved to an indie brokerage
by Gill South Mar 11
Trulia, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs must produce documents related to Zillow-Trulia merger
by Andrea V. Brambila May 5