The partnership will provide each franchise office with an immoviewer camera, VR hardware and Google Cardboard viewers
by Amber Taufen | Mar 6
Agents use smart glasses to share video of client interactions in real time
by Teke Wiggin | Jul 3
Wristwatches, wearable tech expected to become 'key house-hunting tools'
by Paul Hagey | Jun 25
One-day sale of 'wearable tech' is on first-come, first-served basis
by OPP Connect | Apr 14
App collects background info on people and turns them into 'talking points' for your next meeting
by ActiveRain | Apr 11
Location-aware property alerts are just the tip of the iceberg
by ActiveRain | Dec 31
These developments will impact your life and change your business
by Tom Flanagan | Dec 24
Takeaways for Realtors from Google's annual I/O conference
by Tom Flanagan | May 28
Smart glasses could prove useful for working with clients
by Teke Wiggin | May 16
Device will compete with iWatch, Google Glass
by Inman | Mar 19
Testers will pay about $1,500 for prototype of new eyewear device
by Teke Wiggin | Feb 21