Government provided incentives on 8,000-plus short sales through May
by Inman | Jul 5
Many get other loan mod, 'self cure,' or engage in short sale
by Inman | Oct 5
Lenders would have to consider workouts before foreclosing on most loans
by Inman | Jun 4
Loan mod program changes add short-sale incentives
by Matt Carter | Mar 26
Loan mods up 75% from Q3 to Q4 '09
by Inman | Jan 19
Lender says it's keeping up with industry on loan mods
by Inman | Dec 16
HOPE NOW servicers say short sales also coming into play
by Inman | Dec 11
Servicers can't condition approval on reduced commission
by Inman | Dec 1
HAMP program requires 9 months of benefits
by Inman | Oct 22
Foreclosure filings down slightly at tail end of quarter
by Inman | Oct 15
Part 1: Loan mods: Hype or real deal?
by Bernice Ross | Sep 30
BofA, Wells Fargo lag in share of offers
by Matt Carter | Sep 9
Report details performance of loan servicers
by Inman | Aug 4