Regardless of time and budget, some simple tricks can maximize what owners can get for their house
It all depends on where you are in your career and what values matter to you most
by Jackson Cooper Aug 19
Recommend your clients take decisive action when it comes to things like listing photos and curb appeal
by Jackson Cooper Jul 31
Whether you're moving for a fresh start or moving out of necessity, it's possible to hit the ground running — as long as you have a plan
by Jackson Cooper May 22
Do thorough research, and take the time to analyze all of the pros and cons involved with moving to a new brokerage
by Jackson Cooper Apr 26
Add these techniques to your arsenal, and you’ll further develop your skills and strengthen your reputation as a quality agent
by Jackson Cooper Apr 15
Recognition, reliability and resourcefulness are key for agents working toward a lasting relationship with clients
by Jackson Cooper Mar 18
Successfully helping a couple in working through their differences when looking for a home is key to keeping them on as clients
by Jackson Cooper Jan 11
Use these helpful hints to capture the home's best angles regardless of snow or seasonal challenges
by Jackson Cooper Dec 3
Agents need to be up on the current market, interest rates, home values, mortgage issues and trends, both fleeting and timeless
by Jackson Cooper Nov 6
Stop holding yourself to an unforgiving measure of success, and managing time and tasks will be less stressful
by Jackson Cooper Oct 9
The best way to get out of your slump is by getting into a gym
by Jackson Cooper Sep 13
Work these suggestions into your best practices, and your customers will remain satisfied throughout the somewhat arduous process of buying and selling a home
by Jackson Cooper Aug 20
Organized agents who eliminate distractions and maintain self-control can juggle more tasks
by Jackson Cooper Aug 13
Play your cards right and you'll be riding the tech wave, not drowned by it
by Jackson Cooper Jul 19