Kenneth Jenny's 5 must-read Inman columns
Remembering a valued voice in the industry through his own words
Kenneth Jenny, respected real estate industry vet, dies at 66
A 35-plus-year vet of the real estate industry, Ken Jenny was a trusted adviser to many and unafraid to speak his mind about industry issues
'It's like buying a first-class ticket': Opendoor's acquisition of Open Listings met with mixed reaction
Four real estate pros weigh in on the deal and how it could be a game-changer for traditional brokers and iBuyers alike
by Marian McPherson Sep 13
What's better: Cultivating relationships or buying leads and referrals?
How do your peers feel about their marketing and lead-generation strategies?
by Amber Taufen Jul 27
An Amazon Echo Dot
We need to embrace change and look for our own avenues to be a part of that change
by Kenneth Jenny Jun 30
Who best understands what an agent needs to be successful?
Is it the broker, the manager, the end consumer -- or agents themselves?
by Amber Taufen Apr 12
A hunter carrying a rifle
A response post that clarifies the value of the MLS
by Bill Lublin Aug 23
Let's get rid of the MLS
It's time to move on
by Kenneth Jenny Jul 28
What's the true test of leadership?
Is the next big thing improving customer experience?
The 5 biggest myths in real estate, dispelled
These assumptions may be hindering your business
by Kenneth Jenny Feb 3
Forget about the signs; focus on customer experience
Crazy times usually call for crazy ideas
by Kenneth Jenny Dec 18
The cure for the common conditional sale
Pre-diligence could be the answer
by Kenneth Jenny Jun 5
Due diligence is the anecdote for 'shiny object syndrome'
Weed out the bad candy in adult trick-or-treating
by Kenneth Jenny May 26
Turn down the portal-attack noise to hear the truth
It hasn't taken long for the industry to forget the recent past
by Kenneth Jenny Jan 28