Park National Bank latest lender to settle federal redlining charges
The Ohio bank's $9M pledge to promote ownership in Black and Hispanic areas is the 6th since the DOJ launched an initiative to combat redlining in 2021 that has generated $84M in relief
by Matt Carter Mar 3
Facebook announces new system to avoid housing ad discrimination
The company launched its Variance Reduction System this week, a provision in the settlement Meta worked out with the US Department of Justice
by Ben Verde Jan 11
Berkshire Hathaway-owned lender settles redlining case with DOJ
This case is the first-ever redlining settlement against a mortgage company and the second-largest such settlement in DOJ history
by Taylor Anderson Jul 27
HUD unveils fair housing proposal, draws condemnation from housing advocates
A proposed rule change is meant to give local officials more flexibility, but critics condemned the proposal as an attempt to "gut" fair housing efforts
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 7