My old, non-active files are filled with the hopes and dreams of homebuyers, sellers and their real estate agents. There are tears in those files, sweat, disappointment and some anger, too
by Teresa Boardman Mar 2
The money will be available to local governments in the form of grants up to $9M
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 27
NYCHA admits to lying about conditions in public housing as part of the settlement
by Patrick Kearns Jun 11
Chip and Joanna Gaines will pay the EPA a $40,000 fine, produce a video depicting proper lead paint removal, as part of the settlement
by Patrick Kearns Jun 6
Precautions advised when renovating pre-1978 home
Presence of asbestos or lead in older homes not a given
by Barry Stone Aug 7
Should loans be granted without disclosures?
by Barry Stone Aug 23
Some items violate building codes, are health hazards
by Arrol Gellner Jan 28
Change would add to cost of work, builders say
by Inman Jul 12
EPA safety certification required for fix-up work
by Paul Bianchina Jun 25
Some common past practices are outlawed
by Mary Umberger Jun 16
Code violations downgrade home to 1-bedroom
by Barry Stone Sep 2
Tips for a safe exterior paint job