Hiding flaws behind flowery copy does nothing but waste the buyer's and their agent’s time
by Jay Thompson | Jul 17
Take a tip from the Miami ladies and their wicker-filled dream home when writing your next listing description
by Christy Murdock Edgar | Feb 26
Put in the extra effort to craft a thoughtful, well-written listing description with professional photos, and you’ll increase interest and likely net a better price
by Shari Mattern | Feb 14
Cross these items off of your list consistently
by Laura Ure | Nov 21
Selling a home with flooding records or fire damage history doesn’t have to be scary
by Jennifer Riner | Oct 5
Some phrases in listing descriptions are tied to regions and price points
by Teke Wiggin | Feb 28
Spelling matters -- and easy does it with the abbreviations and exclamation points!
by Alisha Alway Braatz | Oct 4
Tap into emotional benefits to sell even the toughest listing
by Bernice Ross | Aug 6
Ask someone you trust to review what you publish
by Gahlord Dewald | Apr 17