Tanya Delahoz sells luxury real estate in Breckenridge, Colorado -- a competitive market where she needs every edge she can get. Delahoz says Inman Select is a no-brainer for agents like her and has been a subscriber for a year and a half.
by Shawna Strayhorn | May 3
“I am literally in the process of redeveloping my structure and business model,” Freund explains, “and I used Select this morning to learn more about Compass and its 2020 vision. It gives me motivation and direction. Awesome stuff!”
by Inman | May 1
'Since I have been an Inman Select member, I have gained more and more knowledge about the real estate industry'
by Inman | Apr 26
Every closing for a first-time buyer feels like an accomplishment
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Don't waste your time worrying about disruption, focus on what your clients really want
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2017 buyer activity still surging compared to a year ago, according to Redfin
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Slower home price growth, continued inventory issues and evolving design trends are ahead
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There still aren't enough homes being built to offset the listings shortage
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How these unsung heroes fight for clients with loyalty, passion and tenacity in the toughest market conditions
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Remember, it’s not a done deal until everyone walks away from the closing table
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Coach your investing clients to reap rewards
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