Once again, Newark is named the worst city in the US to get stoned
The Gateway City once again ranked dead last in an annual ranking of the best cities for pot lovers, falling below Bridgeport, Connecticut, according to Lawnstarter in observance of 4/20
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Marijuana and real estate are gradually becoming intertwined
According to a new study by the National Association of Realtors, some members report an increase in residential property values near dispensaries in states where marijuana is legal
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Should you let tenants and renters smoke marijuana where it's legal?
Vacation rental owners and managers weigh in on navigating the laws around the legal use of recreational marijuana
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6 legal tips to help agents avoid prison
When you have a question or if you feel like you're in a dangerous area, go find an attorney
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National Association of Realtors advises agents and brokers on legal marijuana
What's a broker to do if one of his or her agents asks to consume on the job for medical reasons?
Property search engine will serve budding pot industry
HerbFront will help landlords market properties that meet local zoning requirements
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If you haven't sold a marijuana grow house yet, you probably will
As states relax pot laws, real estate agents face new disclosure and liability headaches
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