New loans aimed at first-time homebuyers and owners with a sliver of equity
by Brittany Morris | Dec 8
Fannie, Freddie and FHA to relax lender liability around riskier loans
by Inman | Oct 20
FHA's 'Blueprint for Access' is not even funded, and it's business as usual at Fannie and Freddie
by Ken Harney | May 20
New head of Fannie, Freddie regulator is first thing Obama adminstration has gotten right on housing
by Lou Barnes | May 16
Lenders getting more certainty on when they'll be expected to repurchase bad loans
by Inman | May 13
Democrats see mortgage giants' role to help more marginal homebuyers
by Ken Harney | Dec 31
The strongest headwind we face is that global competition has capped wages
by Lou Barnes | Dec 27
There's one sure way to make a credit disaster worse: Choke what little remains
by Lou Barnes | Dec 20
Look for Fannie and Freddie's new regulator to push for looser underwriting, down payment requirements
by Ken Harney | Dec 17