It might sound like a great deal for your weekend warrior clients, but some properties just aren’t worth the price. Here’s what to watch out for
The inspection process evaluates the current performance of the home’s systems and their features, not the cosmetic defects or design issues
by John Giffen Oct 6
Even a slight mistake could end up costing a lot of money; a lot of stress; and, worst of all, tarnish your reputation.
by Ryan Ellis Sep 25
You need to understand the true nature of mold and its impacts to protect both buyers and sellers
by Romana King May 12
What agents can do to soften the blows of unanticipated mold, unpermitted structures, underwhelming funds and other issues that derail the sale
by Cara Ameer Apr 3
Lifestyle data can be leveraged to find the perfect house for your buyer
by Bernice Ross Jan 4
The pros and cons of both purchase plans
Knowing your surroundings can make all the difference when it comes to your bottom line
by Nicholas Brown Sep 24
Repairing homes they've inspected would be a conflict of interest
by Barry Stone Feb 19
What to do if bank fails to follow through on mold removal
by Barry Stone Dec 11
In areas without rent control, good business sense comes first
by Robert Griswold Sep 20
If efforts to rectify encroachment are ignored, take legal action
by Barry Stone Jul 10
Steps to take when adjoining neighbor won't sign off on job
by Barry Stone Jun 19
Solution is simple but takes elbow grease
by Barry Stone Apr 17