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Indeed, unique touches like claw-foot tubs and crown molding combined with older homes’ proximity to urban centers make them great investments in many ways. But special considerations come into play when deciding where and what to buy

Dec 10

For many people, buying a new home doesn’t mean buying a new home at all. Whether the home was built 10 years ago or an 110 years ago, existing housing stock is a popular choice for a lot of reasons — not the least of which is the fact that it’s right there, ready for your walkthrough.

Dec 9

Even if the housing market you’re trying to sell in is pretty hot, getting the word out about a property can be tough. Listing websites can get cluttered with dozens of listings in a neighborhood — many of which are paid promotions — and unless your house stands out, it can easily get lost in the fuss.

Nov 4

So, why wouldn’t your investment strategy also be affected by your surroundings? If you’re developing local properties — and especially if you’re thinking about relocating to a hot new housing market or investing from afar — knowing your surroundings can make all the difference when it comes to your bottom line.

Sep 24

Connecting with younger homebuyers involves more than simply keeping an updated blog and texting instead of calling (though, really, please text). It involves first engaging with how millennials view homebuying as a whole and learning now to navigate their current hangups, which we covered yesterday in “5 ways to crack the millennial homebuyer code: Part 1.”

Jul 29

Everyone is looking into the crystal ball and trying to figure out how to sell to this new generation of homebuyers whose priorities and spending habits seem so mysterious. And more than anything else, there are a lot of questions with not a lot of concrete answers.

Jul 28