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Overseas investment in US property will increase because of 4 primary reasons
Mar 30

Sanctions on Iran imposed by Europe and the U.S. that curbed exports and financial transactions have finally been lifted. These sweeping unilateral rulings punished ordinary people and, in particular, made it difficult to get visas or open accounts with banks in the EU and America.

Apr 15

Society is on the brink of a new era that will be shaped by major advances in technology and lasting demographic transformations. The following list shows the megatrends we can expect in upcoming years.

Feb 24

Whether it’s better to buy new or pre-owned property is a frequently asked question. Accordingly, there are some commonly accepted guidelines: new property includes newly-built, off-plan and homes acquired within five years of commissioning while pre-owned homes and apartments are older than five years or have already changed hands once. They are also referred to as the primary and secondary market property.

Nov 2

Real estate in the capital of the Russian Federation has an expensive reputation. Moscow property prices skyrocketed after the country opened up to free market economics in the nineties and as the oil market went strong, it gained a name for big price tags.

Oct 23

As Tranio has seen first-hand, buyers are choosing off-plan property in Spain. Consumer protection is stronger, and strict obligations on quality, delivery and materials coupled with heightened liability for developers has brought Spain’s off-plan market into a new era of quality and buyer satisfaction. Here are six reasons why buyers are choosing off-plan and why you should too.

Oct 5