The 'my' agent: How this approach can hamper a transaction
Work in real estate sales long enough, and you'll cross paths with a host of different personalities, both good and bad. But there's one type of agent this broker-owner struggles with — those who let transactions revolve entirely around them
by Teresa Boardman Mar 11
Zillow brings 'My Agent' feature to StreetEasy
It lets agents establish a connection with home searchers and have agent contact information appear across listings
by Carl Franzen Jul 16
Zillow sales exec fired after telling Premier Agent customer to 'take up yoga'
The exec apologized for her email telling a Realtor to 'take up yoga and breathe a bit' when he decided to cancel his membership to Zillow's program
by Patrick Kearns Jul 9
The latest updates coming to Zillow Premier Agent in 2018
'My Agent' feature changes display rules for buyer's agents who make lead connections
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