Higher mortgage rates are now 'housing market's primary constraint,' economists at Fannie Mae said in a new forecast predicting home sales will fall 13.5% this year
by Matt Carter Jun 16
New home sales took a hit for the fourth-straight month in April as buyers grappled with the new reality of rising home prices and mortgage rates in excess of 5%, according to Census Bureau data
by Lillian Dickerson May 24
New home sales took an 8.6% hit in March as rising home prices and mortgage rates made homebuyers think twice before purchasing a new home, according to new data released Tuesday
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 26
Total existing-home sales dropped by 2.7% from February 2022 and by 4.5% from March 2021 to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.77 million, according to the National Association of Realtors
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 20
Sales of new houses in December 2021 were at an annual adjusted rate of 811,000, according to data from the US Census Bureau
by Ben Verde Jan 26
After increasing by a modest 0.4% in October, new home sales saw a 12.4% increase in November, according to the US Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development 
by Ben Verde Dec 23
New home sales in October 2021 increased by a modest 0.4% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 745,000, following a furious September in which new home sales grew by double digits
by Lillian Dickerson Nov 24
For the first time, Fannie Mae is forecasting all the way out to 2023, when it expects the economy to enter 'mature state of the business cycle,' with the risk of another recession moving into focus
by Matt Carter Nov 19
Sales of new single-family homes notched a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 800,000 in September 2021, while the median sales price hit a new record of $408,800
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 26
Fannie Mae economists now expect that when the final numbers are in, sales of new and existing homes will grow by 4.7%, to 6.8M
by Matt Carter Oct 15
Sales of newly built single-family homes hit a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 740,000 in August 2021, up 1.5% from the revised July rate, according to the US Census Bureau
by Lillian Dickerson Sep 24
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by Marian McPherson Sep 23
Projected growth in new home sales wouldn't offset expected drop in existing home sales
by Matt Carter Sep 20
Prices under $200K have nearly disappeared from the market for newly constructed homes, according to new data
by Daniel Houston Aug 25
Builder backlog, ongoing listings shortages and rising home prices prompt Fannie Mae economists to cut forecast for 2021 home sales
by Matt Carter Aug 19