SmarterAgent is suing Expedia offshoot HomeAway and Real Estate Webmasters for patent infringement
by Patrick Kearns Mar 13
Brent Ritz is registering his startup under tech company names plus the words 'real estate,' and aggressively wielding his trademark. But what is he really up to?
by Patrick Kearns Sep 6
Facebook’s new patent could enable lenders to assess your friends’ credit scores when deciding whether to give you a loan
by Amy Tankersley Aug 7
Complaint seeks monetary damages and permanent injunction against rival CRM's alleged infringement
by Paul Hagey Aug 20
Search engine aims to be 'national MLS for new homes'
by Andrea V. Brambila Aug 15
Proposed legislation could provide relief to the real estate industry
by Inman Jul 17
CIVIX-DDI claims 26 licensing agreements for location-based search technology
by Inman Aug 20
Numerous lawsuits proceed over alleged patent infringement
by Inman Jul 11