7 questions sellers will ask on listing appointments
Educating and empowering clients will lead sellers to being comfortable with making good decisions and hopefully generating some more inventory in this challenging market. Here are a few questions they'll most likely be asking you — and how to expertly answer them
by Cara Ameer Jan 3
Can't get the cat out of your listing? 5 tips for dealing with pet odors
Bad odor is one of the hardest challenges to overcome when selling a home. Find out how to get to the root of the problem and fix it once and for all
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Get top dollar fast: 10 things sellers need from their agents now
As we transition out of an intense seller's market, agents need to dust off the fundamentals and adapt them to the local market, property types and sellers to give their clients the back-to-basics guidance they need right now
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The Real Word: Does listing feedback really matter?
This week, Bryon and Nicole discuss if listing feedback actually matters, the surge of coworking spaces during COVID and the biggest listing cliches agents are guilty of using (and reusing).
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The Real Word: Is the eviction crisis really overblown?
This week, Bryon and Nicole discuss how the eviction crisis is more "clickbait" than we may think, if HOA and condo boards is good for business and an MTV show that's making a comeback
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The Real Word: Is Zillow's ShowingTime deal fraught with competition issues?
This week, Bryon and Nicole discuss whether Zillow is potentially becoming a monopoly and go over a list of things to do before selling a home and real estate tips from Kim Kardashian
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10 must-do sale preparation tasks — regardless of market
Buyers are stretching their budgets more than ever, and they want the best their money can buy. If sellers want to capitalize on their homesale, they’ll have to put in the work. Here are 10 seller must-do’s and why they matter to buyers
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Bidding wars are cooling off: How to prepare for a shift
What happens when the market starts to tilt in buyers' favor? Here's what agents need to be thinking through, preparing for and learning about to better serve their future clients
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