Agents need to focus on more precise pricing and marketing strategies as the tide turns
by Nicole Solari | Jul 9
Stepping away from your emotions, taking a breath and understanding someone else' position are all essential to managing difficult deals
by Robin Kencel | May 6
Be accurate, truthful and insightful in determining a listing price that will give everyone the best chance for a positive outcome
by Spyro Kemble | May 3
If 50 percent of buyers found their home online, shouldn't we do our best to make sure we're part of their search?
by Troy Palmquist | Mar 13
Data can help clients understand realistic pricing strategies
by Jim Dalrymple II | Jan 30
Reality bites, so set your clients on the right path early
by Elizabeth O'Neill | Nov 6
Anticipate, prepare, plan, and practice your responses again and again
by Cara Ameer | Apr 12
Don't let your listing sit on the market for months with the wrong price
by Bernice Ross | Apr 9
Time to ditch the old way and make the shift
by Bernice Ross | Mar 19
'Auctioning' a home carries a great deal of responsibility for everyone involved
by Cara Ameer | Mar 15
CoreLogic finds substantial price increase year-over-year for October, and half of top 50 markets overvalued
Weighing sellers' expectations against market realities can be a delicate dance
by Cara Ameer | Sep 25
Know the inventory, look at the comparables and give three options
by Peter Lorimer | Sep 13
Avoid these missteps, and you'll be well on your way to dominating your niche
by David Stroh | Sep 6