No more contract cancellations! Here's how to avoid buyer backouts
Avoid canceled contracts by addressing possible reasons buyers back out ahead of time
by Carl Medford Sep 14
First Street Foundation to build property-specific fire risk model
The model will provide an analysis of how various climate factors will impact a property's wildfire risk over the next 30 years
HUD announces $616M in hurricane recovery aid for Florida
Funds will mostly go toward housing repair for low and moderate income residents
by Patrick Kearns Jun 29
Homeowners often still liable for injuries, property damage until bank takes title
by Benny Kass Jan 22
Landlord seeks advice after destruction forces fire safety upgrades
by Robert Griswold Dec 27
US death toll surpasses 100, damage may hit $50 billion
by Inman Nov 5
After major storm damages roof, buyer finds insurers won't cover replacement
by Barry Stone Oct 23
Unit owners should know difference between master policy and HO-6
by Benny Kass Oct 9
Consider Starker exchange, land-sales contract for dilapidated rental
by Benny Kass Apr 17
Nonrenewal must be based on legitimate business reasons
by Robert Griswold Nov 4