Chicago property owner amasses $15M in fines for 'rat harborage'
Suburban landowner Suzie B. Wilson has acquired hundreds of largely vacant properties in the city's south and west sides while garnering thousands of tickets worth millions of dollars
by Taylor Anderson Sep 11
New suit alleges Yardi rent-setting software violates antitrust law
A lawsuit filed by a renter in Seattle accuses property management software firm and major landlords of violating antitrust statutes through a product used to set rental rates
by Taylor Anderson Sep 8
5 reasons it's time to master the power of AI
If you've been holding off on putting AI to work for your real estate business, the time has come to get off the sidelines
by Victoria Kennedy Sep 1
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Our management team averages 12 years on the job, providing continuity essential to our residents and our business. Here’s how we do it
by Michael Zaransky Aug 29
RentRedi acquires Payment Report and eRentPayment in buying spree
The 6-year-old property management firm scooped up the companies in a bid to boost digital payment workflows and aid tenants in credit building, according to an announcement this week
by Craig C. Rowe Aug 11
Zillow, join Biden's war on rental housing fees
Zillow, and agree to join the fight in a continuation of a war on rental fees the Biden administration announced in March
by Taylor Anderson Jul 19
Smart, easy Azibo soothes the pain points of owning investment property: Tech Review
This software for real estate investors offers a clean, spartan user interface that focuses on only what’s needed to know about the state of small rental property business and how to react to its many variables.
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 7
Property investing is so hard, even Spencer Rascoff steers clear of it
The co-founder of Zillow and Pacaso just isn’t that into traditional real estate — at least as an income-generating investment, he told Arrived CEO Ryan Frazier in a recent interview
by Daniel Houston Jun 30
What can landlords look for when screening tenants for a rental?
An ineffective screening process can fail to block a potential threat to an investment property, experts told Inman. Here's a few more screening tips landlords might want to consider
by Taylor Anderson May 9
Aptly named PayProp is a proptech landlords might embrace: Tech Review
There’s not an overabundance of spreadsheets or charts (there are some) but instead a series of clean dashboards that track payments, outgoing expenses, revenue streams and tenants
by Craig C. Rowe May 5
We asked a property manager how she used AI. Then we asked a bot
Strategic marketing consultant Chrissie Rivers shared 5 reasons property managers might use artificial intelligence to help manage properties. Then we asked ChatGPT for management advice
by Taylor Anderson Apr 18
How to clean a rental property: 5 ways landlords can ensure tidiness
From walk-throughs to pre-move cleanup, American West Realty and Management owner Nathan Gesner shares how landlords and property managers can guarantee damage-free apartments
by Taylor Anderson Apr 11
Allowing pets in your rental units: Pros and cons
There are many benefits and risks to consider before listing your property. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to allow pets in your rental units, here are the factors you should consider
by Luke Babich Apr 10
Home365 has landlords covered 24/7: Tech Review
The company financially and operationally covers all repairs, equipment purchases, tenant communications and transactions without requiring to ownership approval
by Craig C. Rowe Mar 24
Three years into COVID, landlords grapple with what to do about rent
Leniency or government protections often kept rent below market rate and prevented evictions. Three years into the pandemic, property managers are deciding how to move forward
by Taylor Anderson Feb 14