MRIS surveyed 750 real estate professionals to determine the season's most anticipated trends
by Erik Pisor | Mar 30
Conditions favor buyers in Baltimore, sellers in DC
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Former MRIS subsidiary provides market and agent productivity stats
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Strong month can't be attributed to the performance of Washington D.C., the city of Baltimore
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Highlighting price differential is group's marketing strategy
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Affordability will continue to drive sales, but price appreciation will be slow and mirror last year
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DC housing market strides forward with strong inventories yet slide in market days
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Developer sees place for townhomes amid aging housing stock and new rentals
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Every other number climbs in RBI October Metro Housing Market Update
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Homes are selling fastest in five years; supply in drought conditions
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Value propositions, health records, social media and more
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Agents can slice and dice hyperlocal market trends for clients in more than 8,000 new places
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