During Zillow's virtual Unlock event, Svenja Gudell highlighted the historic instances that have led to a massive homeownership gap between white Americans and people of color
by Patrick Kearns Jul 22
Minneapolis, Salt Lake City and Milwaukee have the lowest homeownership rate for Black families, according to a new Redfin study released Monday
by Patrick Kearns Jun 29
Black people often get left out of high-end real estate for a host of interconnected reasons: income disparities, home value disparities and outright discrimination
Neighborhoods that were redlined have gained $212,000 less home equity since the 1980s, according to a new study from Redfin released Thursday
by Patrick Kearns Jun 11
As states begin the reopening process and more business restrictions are lifted, prepare yourself and your team for a new way to operate this summer
by Lillian Dickerson Jun 8
Agents and brokers in New Jersey, Minnesota and Kentucky called on the real estate industry to break down racial and economic barriers that disproportionately affect the Black community
by Marian McPherson Jun 1
Let’s go beyond looking at laws and start building an awareness of what fair housing means in human terms
by Teresa Boardman Nov 29
A survey by Redfin found that Americans are stressed about home affordability and want the government to step in
by Marian McPherson Oct 22
19 papers published by the San Francisco Federal Reserve issued many warnings about the threat that climate change poses to the real estate market — as well as potential countermeasures
by Teke Wiggin Oct 18
As housing costs price more people out of the market, some regions want to allow more multifamily development
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 18
Eric Blankenstein, who oversees fair lending enforcement within the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, used N-word multiple times in the unearthed blog post from 2004
by Patrick Kearns Oct 2
New Apartment List study examines the impact of the Fair Housing Act on residential segregation nationwide
by Marian McPherson May 29
HUD has reportedly closed its inquiry into the giant social network
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 22
Comedian journalist takes down the American suburb and reminds us of its ugly history
by Craig C. Rowe Oct 9
It's illegal, and several organizations are fighting it
by Bernice Ross Apr 3