San Francisco, Seattle and other big cities saw rents drop in October as people sought more space amid ongoing COVID-19 chaos
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 13
A new study by GoBankingRates looks at the top US cities most likely to see a poor housing market in the near future
The author of 'The Color of Law' proposes that the real estate businesses who created a whites-only neighborhood in San Mateo, California, set up a fund to integrate it
by Andrea V. Brambila Aug 19
Denser counties close to big tech companies are seeing significant year-over-year rent decreases, with San Francisco experiencing a 7.4% decline, according to a new study
by Patrick Kearns Jul 29
Median home price in the Bay Area hits near-record levels, report says
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CAR report shows home sales dropped 3.2 percent since last May
by Jennifer Riner Jun 29
Monthly and annual change reported in five Bay Area counties in May
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Weiss Analytics predicts home price changes for 2016
by Inman Jun 10
The four most expensive counties in the Bay Area all recently experienced double-digit drops in home sales
by Erik Pisor Apr 26
Private deals are spread throughout the county
by Erik Pisor Mar 4
Solano County represents the only affordable region in the Bay Area
by Erik Pisor Mar 1
Supply levels of less than two, three months are driving sales prices
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70 percent of San Francisco County listings are priced below $1 million
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Offers exceed asking prices despite a decline in sales activity
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Breaking down the five-county Bay Area reigon
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