Mild recession, elevated mortgage rates eyed in 2024: Fannie Mae
Fannie Mae economists predict 'mild recession' in H1 2024, while continued strength in the economy could keep mortgage rates from coming down as much as previously expected
by Matt Carter Sep 18
What Biden's student loan forgiveness means for real estate
After months of speculation, the Biden administration just announced that it will wipe out as much as $20,000 in individual student loan debt
by Jim Dalrymple II May 13
FHA relaxes underwriting for student loan borrowers
Lenders can use borrower's actual monthly student loan payment when calculating their overall debt burden
by Matt Carter Jun 25
Piggy bank
A new study shows that people were happiest with their lives when their debt was in the form of mortgages and least happy when it was tied to medical expenses
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 10
Homeownership in states with the most and least student debt
NAR chief economist says buyers with high student loan debt can still find ways to purchase
by Marian McPherson Aug 4
Crisis lingers in this year's State of the Nation's Housing report
The market has made great strides but homeownership rate continues to fall
by Marian McPherson Jun 23
Nearly 3 of 4 student loan holders believe their debt delays homeownership
Potential buyers are deterred because they can't save for a down payment, don't feel financially secure or fail to qualify for a mortgage
by Caroline Feeney Jun 13
Vintage radios
How to give millennials the low-down on low down payments
Helping first-time buyers with the right loans for them
by Steve Cook Feb 29
5 steps to beating debt and getting mortgage-approved
What you can tell your clients to do to minimize their DTI ratio
by Steve Cook May 18
Significant changes coming this summer to FHA's loan program
Be in the know before the June 15 changes go into effect
by Tony Davis Apr 29
Mortgages for millennials: Young buyers finally saying 'YOLO'
With job market improving, government agencies and lenders offer new loan products or assistance to younger borrowers
by Amy Tankersley Apr 22
How to turn renters into homeowners by beating student debt
Despite popular belief, options and strategies are available
by Steve Cook Apr 14
Dearth of meaningful economic data sets stage for big market movement in either direction
Optimists cling to hopes that consumers have deleveraged and are borrowing again
by Lou Barnes Feb 21
Unpaid debts can be deducted from your tax refund