Many homebuyers will be priced out of the market in 2022
Fannie Mae forecasts rising mortgage rates and home prices will dent existing home sales by 3.2%
by Matt Carter Jan 19
The biggest mortgage, lending and housing finance stories of 2021
The rise of Power Buying, regulatory battles, Fed tapering and big acquisitions rattled lending decisions and homebuyer game plans during a momentous year for the mortgage industry
by Matt Carter Dec 29
Before the Fed sped up tapering, mortgage rates saw little change
With mortgages likely getting more expensive for borrowers down the road, the rates for 30-year loans have been holding steady for weeks
by Daniel Houston Dec 16
Fed still considering faster tapering of support for mortgages
Fed chair Jerome Powell says economy is 'very strong' and inflation now looks like more than a transitory issue
by Matt Carter Nov 30
Omicron could lead Fed to exercise restraint on mortgage pullback
Prospects for acclerated tapering of mortgage purchases in January now in doubt
by Matt Carter Nov 29
Fed stands ready to accelerate tapering of mortgage purchases
Fed policymakers are prepared to adjust the pace of asset purchases if inflation continues to run hot, minutes released Wednesday of their Nov. 3 meeting show
by Matt Carter Nov 24
Fed chair restates support for gradual tapering
10-year Treasury yields, a barometer for mortgage rates, fall as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says there's no rush to raise interest rates
by Matt Carter Oct 22
Home sales predicted to close out 2021 with surprising strength
Fannie Mae economists now expect that when the final numbers are in, sales of new and existing homes will grow by 4.7%, to 6.8M
by Matt Carter Oct 15
Sustained surge in mortgage rates could dent home sales
Fed uncertainty and U.S. debt ceiling cliff are creating volatility in long-term interest rates
by Matt Carter Sep 28
Fed prepared to taper mortgage purchases this year
Latest policy stance sets the stage for the Federal Reserve to start scaling back debt purchases in November
by Matt Carter Sep 22
Homebuyer sentiment ticks up for the first time since March
Most consumers continue to report that it’s a good time to sell a home — but a bad time to buy — and they frequently cite high prices and a lack of supply as their primary rationale
by Matt Carter Sep 7
Ahead of Fed tapering reveal, mortgage lenders kept rates steady
Low mortgage rates that had risen off a strong jobs report remained unmoved earlier this week, according to Freddie Mac's lender survey
by Daniel Houston Aug 19
Fed will keep buying $40 billion in mortgages every month
As Fed's balance sheet approaches $8 trillion, policymakers say path of the economy continues to depend on the course of the pandemic
by Matt Carter Jul 29
Mortgage rates hit low for the year on economic worries including housing
Purchase loan demand at highest level since January
by Inman May 8
Worried about plunge in stock prices? Don't just do something, sit there
Stock market sell-off was overdue, and bond rally is knocking rates down
by Lou Barnes Jan 31