Brokermint is a commission and transaction management software made for real estate brokers. It has a superior user interface, exceptional ease of use, a wide variety of CRM integrations and easy commission structure setup, among other things.

by Craig C. Rowe | Aug 10

I think it’s healthy for real estate agents to know how to defend their value against the rise of internet-powered, agent-less transactions.

by Craig C. Rowe | Apr 21

WellcomeMat doesn’t create video for you. It’s not an presentation or a content production tool. Its highest and best use is as a way to manage, distribute and measure video marketing.

by Craig C. Rowe | Mar 22

As easily as a seller agent could use the Homeselfe RE app to augment their listing presentation with an energy analysis, a buyer’s agent could use it to highlight outdated HVAC systems or an antiquated water heater — and justify concessions.

by Craig C. Rowe | Mar 6

Remine is a sleek new data visualization and enrichment tool for multiple listing services.

by Craig C. Rowe | Feb 20

InstaView 3.0 uses structured data to bake a host of valuable content into a property’s virtual tour. Real estate agent profiles, office services descriptions, upcoming open house dates and times, and listing details are now part of a what person can locate via search engine.

by Craig C. Rowe | Jan 25

Buddy Agent will launch in Inman Connect New York to show real estate agents how to have a more balanced life by handing off work to accredited colleagues.

by Craig C. Rowe | Jan 13

I’ve been using Newton for a number of months, and in many ways I find it superior to Gmail. The email application allows for the consolidation of multiple accounts in a clean, sharp interface with an array of built-in efficiencies.

by Craig C. Rowe | Jan 11

MyHouseHas is an easy app for real estate agents to collect data and create PDFs for new listings.

by Craig C. Rowe | Jan 9

ZipComps is a new app for real estate agents available in Bay Area and San Diego markets.

by Craig C. Rowe | Dec 23

MyPropertyOffice is an elegantly designed productivity tool for agents and brokers currently in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, where its first MLS partnership hatched. Based on what I saw, there’s no reason why its future market partnerships won’t be equally successful. Updates to any of the listings are disseminated up to 30 minutes faster than they are on Redfin and Zillow, according to the company’s representatives.

by Craig C. Rowe | Dec 14

Boulevard gives buyer’s agents exactly what they need to quickly create contacts, match them with a few listings and track the relationship as it progresses from preferences to tours to contract.

by Craig C. Rowe | Dec 9

When it comes to buying software, agents want to know if it will generate more leads. Then they want it to help them manage those leads. Everything else is somewhat ancillary.

by Craig C. Rowe | Nov 2

It’s no secret that that in sales, exposure matters. And Zip Your Flyer, which helps users create sharp, contemporary listing flyers from a large collection of designs and themes, has hard numbers that show its customers’ listings spend 22 percent less time on the market than typical properties.

by Craig C. Rowe | Oct 31

Certified Proof of Funds is a secure, simple way for an agent’s client to demonstrate economic prowess without sacrificing privacy or providing an array of hardcopy personal reports and statements.

by Craig C. Rowe | Oct 28