15 tactics to help your buyer's offer stand out to sellers
Building relationships with the listing agents and addressing price, time, convenience and certainty can position buyers to win the home
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3 excuses agents make that sabotage their success
Without even realizing it, agents often get in their own way and self-sabotage their success by making excuses. As a result, they miss out on important opportunities to grow. Do any of these common excuses sound familiar?
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Knock offers tips for timing the purchase and sale of a home
Stephen Freudenberg, director of national real estate at Knock, shared his thoughts during an Inman Connect Now session on Tuesday
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5 indicators for timing your market
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How to convince your buyers to stop hesitating
Put in the right offer before someone else does
RealtyTrac uncovers best day, week and month to buy a home
When it comes to real estate, location is important -- but so is timing
Zillow’s Breakeven Horizon analysis shows that one buyer’s decision to purchase at one point in time can yield totally different financial gains for another buyer who purchases later
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