10 plumbing issues agents should know about (and their solutions)
Plumbing issues can cause so many headaches for buyers, sellers and their agents. If you're a real estate pro, knowing a few simple tips and having an understanding of these problems can help put your and your clients' minds at ease
by Gerard Splendore Mar 29
A man giving a car engine a tune-up
Who pays for repairs: contractor, inspector or seller?
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If agent and broker are unwilling to help, consider ethics complaint
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In many cases, expensive sealing, replumbing can be avoided
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Why is U.S. so far behind?
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Do you have anything to hide?
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Raised platform meets code, but isn't enough
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Culprit narrowed down to tank sediment
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DIY pipe extension may do the trick
Is inspector on hook for inappropriate disclosure?
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Why contractor recommends replacement instead
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3 main causes of a faulty TPR valve
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Hot water supply runs out within minutes
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When new water heater forces updates, board says 'no'
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