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Owning multiple properties is fairly common among high-end clients, and that creates some unique needs for that group. In fact, just over 20 percent of all home sales are for vacation homes, according to Forbes. And according to, the market for vacation homes has seen tremendous growth in the past five years.

Aug 19

For most of us, the phrase “tune-up” immediately brings up images of a vehicle being serviced — maybe it’s up on a lift with a professional is wielding socket wrenches and lubricating parts. The phrase is also closely related to music, and when musicians tune up they’re making small adjustments for optimum performance, much like the mechanic.

Aug 16

An experienced agent knows the impact of referrals and the importance of following through after the sale with an appropriate closing gift. In fact, it’s too important to put on autopilot. The right closing gift will fulfill two purposes: to show your appreciation to clients and celebrate their success — and also to keep your name top-of-mind whenever the topic of real estate arises.

Jul 25