5 key questions to ask your seller facing foreclosure
Taking on a foreclosure listing is a big challenge. Make sure you ask these questions first to determine whether listing the home is the best solution for the homeowner
by Minna Reid Jan 18
Opendoor in 2023: The iBuying king and a business model in turmoil
Opendoor faces a fight for survival after ‘an abrupt strategy pivot’ sent it to 2023 ‘without a proven business model.’ See the 5 biggest challenges facing the king of a troubled business model
by Taylor Anderson Jan 17
Agree to disagree: 11 real estate leaders dust off crystal ball for 2023
The market isn't done falling but could soon stabilize, according to a survey of real estate executives and economists conducted by Point
by Daniel Houston Jan 17
Glenn Kelman calls millennials 'the roommate generation'
In an appearance on 'Barron's Live,' Redfin's CEO explained how rising mortgage rates have trapped homeowners and homebuyers into a housing purgatory, tough for anyone to make a move
by Marian McPherson Jan 12
Demand for apartments turns negative for first time since 2009
A slowdown in new leases paired with higher inventory is expected to hike vacancies and put pressure on rents. ‘The balance of power in the rental market is rapidly shifting to renters’ 
by Taylor Anderson Jan 10
Real estate investing in 2022: Where is the roller coaster headed?
‘It’s like that roller coaster where it’s going up and up and up and up. You don’t know what’s going to happen when you get to the top.’ Many investors had a pleasant ride in 2022. But the ride might come to an end.
by Taylor Anderson Dec 27
Slowdown in apartment rent expected to continue, CoStar says
Rent dropped for a fourth straight month in November, with all but 6 of the nation's top 40 markets reporting flat or declining month-over-month rent
by Taylor Anderson Dec 5
It now costs $888 more to buy a home than to rent one: Report
The gap between buying a home and renting one has widened since 2020, 'The Wall Street Journal' reports. It now costs $3,058 a month to buy an entry-level home
by Taylor Anderson Nov 29
Sign of the times: What the market could be signaling
Ready to take a casual stroll through stats to try to make sense of these market? Find out where 'cocktail economist' Peter Prudden thinks we are headed next
by Peter Prudden Nov 29
Investor activity plunged at rates similar to the Great Recession in Q3
The slowdown was most dramatic in COVID boomtowns like Las Vegas and Phoenix, according to a new analysis Tuesday by Redfin, which examined real estate investment activity in 40 metros
by Taylor Anderson Nov 22
Pending home sales post record drop as deals die and price cuts soar
Inflation and mortgage rates took a hefty toll on homebuyers in October, with a record 60,000 home-purchase cancellations during the month, according to new data released Monday
by Marian McPherson Nov 21
As Fed walks a tightrope, the balance may swing on housing
Central bank policymakers are trying to tame inflation while avoiding a deep recession. The home market could throw a wrench in those plans
by Daniel Houston Nov 16
Single-family rent growth slows for fifth-straight month in September
Rent remained 10.2% above September 2021 levels and 22.6% compared to 2 years earlier, according to the single-family rent index from property data information company CoreLogic
by Taylor Anderson Nov 15
NAR chief economist predicts 'strong rebound' in 2024
Lawrence Yun said home prices will rise 1% and sales will dip 7% next year before recovering in 2024, in contrast to a Fannie Mae forecast last month that predicted falling prices next year
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 14
10 financial don’ts heading into a recession
Impulse purchases may come back to haunt you when you are presented with an investment opportunity but have no ability to capitalize due to past financial recklessness
by Carl Medford Nov 11
hundred dollar bills lined up
All-items inflation rose 7.7% in October — down from September's 8.2%. Although its welcome news, housing economists say it'll take until 2023 for homebuyers to see the savings
by Marian McPherson Nov 10
A Keller Williams team leader on essentials for navigating a downturn
Remember, the market doesn't determine your outcome; it only determines you strategy. Make these changes to help motivate your team for what's next
Better.com laid off employees who were on parental leave: Lawsuit
A Better.com employee filed suit in New York alleging the online mortgage company fired him less than an hour after he told them his daughter was born. 17 others may have also been on leave
by Taylor Anderson Nov 9
We're poised for a great housing fall, y'all: What Q4 has in store
The big question: Will this autumn be the bottom? Expert Chris Drayer offers his predictions for the months ahead
by Chris Drayer Oct 31
As US economy zigs upward again, real estate sags
Hits to broker commissions and home construction drove a decline in real estate gross domestic product in Q3 of the year, new data shows
by Daniel Houston Oct 27
Going back to basics? Here's what top agents are doing to finish the year strong
Stop listening to the noise right now. Be aware of the market do not let it steal your focus, and get ready to rally your team by getting back to basics
by Adam Hergenrother Oct 27
In the short term, home prices will fall. But then what, economists ask
Affordability concerns weigh on nearly every corner of the housing market as the economy tips toward a possible recession, according to a new survey of real estate experts
by Daniel Houston Oct 27
3 leaders reveal the 'blessing and curse' of the fall housing market
During Inman Connect, Tommy Choi, Quintavius Burdette and Vanessa Bergmark share their unique challenges as the market shifts and how they're preparing their clients for success
by Marian McPherson Oct 18
Inflation up 8.2% over last year — and housing is largely to blame
Government’s estimate of the cost of owning a primary residence rose 0.8% in September and was up 6.7% compared to a year ago, which is the largest 12-month increase in the category's history
by Daniel Houston Oct 13
The great agent reshuffle: Essential checklists you need to onboard agents in a down market
Onboarding and recruiting practices change in a shifting market. When inventory is low and competition is fierce, bringing on new team members requires extra focus and streamlined systems to keep chaos at bay
by Rachael Hite Oct 12
Pacaso slashes 30% of workforce, citing rising rates and home prices
Pacaso employees impacted by the cuts will be provided severance, health care coverage and career help, Pacaso CEO Austin Allison said during an all-hands conference call Tuesday
by Craig C. Rowe Oct 11
Mixed signals in rental market as half of cities post declines
One economist notes rental demand looks weak through the rest of the year as price growth tapers toward a historically normal pattern
by Taylor Anderson Sep 27
With rent high and sales slow, more owners are becoming landlords
The slowdown in home sales, paired with the meteoric rise in rent, has more homeowners looking to become landlords rather than sell their homes in this market
by Taylor Anderson Sep 27
Here are the 5 things agents must master during a market shift
Top Keller Williams and eXp Realty team leaders Jim Roche and Terrence Murphy share how leaders can guide agents to success during a slowdown, at the Inman Connect Now virtual event
by Marian McPherson Sep 22
Agent Outlook: How will the market determine your strategy?
This is where market psychology and behavioral finance gets interesting. Eric Forney of Livian shares this week's market insights and says it time to focus on what counts
by Eric Forney Sep 15
These 3 US states have the most vulnerable housing markets by far
Three states alone accounted for 33 of the 50 markets most vulnerable to a housing downturn in the second quarter, while the South and Midwest remained stable, according to data from Attom
by Taylor Anderson Sep 15
After 2 years of hikes, rental market may be bound for 'complete reversal'
Yet another sign of a widespread housing slowdown emerged as monthly rent price acceleration declined after 20 consecutive months of rapid increases, new data suggests
by Taylor Anderson Sep 13
Goldman Sachs predicts 2024 recovery: The Real Word
Byron Lazine and Nicole White discuss the Goldman Sachs prediction on falling home sales, the return of the 40-year fixed mortgage, California blackout risks and Apple’s iPhone 14 event
by Byron Lazine Sep 9
What do we know about Adam Neumann’s new housing venture?
From renters building equity to coworking space to easy moves across the country, we take a look at some of the possibilities for Flow after the WeWork co-founder pulled in a $350M check
by Taylor Anderson Sep 6
Sellers’ strike? New listings fell in August as active listings increased
Inventory rose due to a steep drop in homebuyer demand and homes that are spending more time on market while sellers pulled back on listing new properties, according to Realtor.com data
by Taylor Anderson Sep 1
Buyers are leaning on contingencies to bail out of deals, Redfin CEO says
During his latest appearance on CNBC, Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman shared how buyers and sellers are locked in a battle of the wills as the market slowly shifts in buyers' favor
by Marian McPherson Sep 1
Two-thirds of pandemic 'boomerang kids' still live at home
More than 2 years after moving in with parents, many millennials and Gen Zers have yet to leave, a new report says. Those still in the coop use their time to pay down debt and save for homeownership
by Marian McPherson Aug 30
Rentals are a bright spot amid a widespread slowdown. Can it last?
More apartments were built than at any time in over 50 years, and single-family built-for-rent remains popular for investors. But there may be signs of an upcoming shift.
by Taylor Anderson Aug 30
What does 'housing recession' even mean? Economists don't really know
The phrase 'housing recession' has exploded in popularity, according to an analysis of search terms. But pinning down what it means and where it originated is surprisingly difficult
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 29
WATCH: What is your plan for surviving a downturn?
Brokers and team leaders are working to find the best solutions possible to weather the downturn. If your first instinct is to cut staff, your instinct might be dead wrong
by Rachael Hite Aug 23
Gary Keller: The current market is 'the most confusing I've ever seen'
At Keller Williams' annual Mega Camp conference, founder Gary Keller prepared agents for a rough 2023 as slowing home sales and other economic factors push everyone to the brink
by Marian McPherson Aug 23
How to keep your mojo up in a down market
Negative news and tough markets can take a toll on your business and your attitude. Here's how to keep yourself focused on the positive
by James Becker Aug 23
Team in a summer slump? Turn to the Extreme Pareto Principle
You know it as the 80-20 rule, but have you actually lived by it? The extreme version challenges you to narrow your focus further for big rewards
by Adam Hergenrother Aug 18
Chinese real estate crash sparks mortgage boycotts
In China, most recent buyers of new apartments took out mortgages before their buildings were finished. Now many are threatening to not pay
by Daniel Houston Aug 17
The partnership shocking real estate: The Real Word
Byron Lazine and Nicole White discuss the Zillow and Opendoor partnership, sinking consumer confidence, and a new segment: Left-Middle-Right
by Byron Lazine Aug 12
Crunch the numbers, be the expert: 6 steps for letting your economic prowess lead
Real estate agents who can provide accurate, up-to-date and meaningful market data can become the agent of choice when local buyers and sellers decide to move. Here's how
by Carl Medford Aug 11
More people than ever ask Google: ‘Will the housing market crash?'
Interest in the housing market has peaked on Google, with searches for whether a crash is imminent shooting up. The spike suggests homeowners are nervous about their market timing
by Daniel Houston Aug 10
The bear on the hill: Ben Kinney talks about surviving a recession
At Inman Connect Las Vegas, the Ben Kinney Companies' founder explained how to become recession-proof with smart spending, careful recruiting and an empathetic mindset
by Marian McPherson Aug 4
Laying off brokerage staff amid a downturn? Think twice
There are ways that brokerages can cut costs during a market slowdown without risking its agent morale, according to brokers at Inman Connect Las Vegas on Thursday
by Daniel Houston Aug 4
Fannie Mae brings in net income of $4.7B in Q2
Like its sister company, Freddie, Fannie Mae remained profitable in Q2 despite pressure from inflation, rising interest rates and worsening affordability, according to earnings released Friday
by Marian McPherson Jul 29
Study up! 5 topics agents should brush up on to prepare for what's next
In real estate there is always something to learn or a lesson to be gleaned. If you have never worked in a down market, move these topics to the top of your study list
by Jack Gross Jul 29
Get your team back on track! How to bust out of a plateau
Has your team stalled out and bogged you down with more problems than sales? Check your team and your leadership skills with these insights
by Chris Pollinger Jul 28
The 10 housing markets primed to pop during a recession
Florida and California are most at risk of experiencing a housing downturn during a recession, according to Redfin. Both states saw exorbitant growth during the pandemic-fueled buying rush
by Marian McPherson Jul 27
rental image
Despite recent slowdown in rent hikes, the price to rent a one-bedroom apartment set an all-time record of $1,450 per month in July, according to data from Zumper released Tuesday
by Taylor Anderson Jul 26
@properties CEO Thad Wong says he’s ‘looking forward to a downturn’
Ahead of Inman Connect Las Vegas, the leader of the Chicago-based brokerage said he's better positioned than Redfin and Compass to grow into a changing market
by Taylor Anderson Jul 21
Relying on optimism to get you through? 5 critical steps to take instead
In an overheated seller’s market, it does not take a rocket scientist to sell a home. However, as the market turns, the need for real skill emerges
by Carl Medford Jul 18
Housing costs eyed as major culprit in latest 9.1% inflation hike
Housing costs were one of the biggest drivers of inflation in June, pushing higher at a pace unseen since 1990, according to a report Wednesday from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
by Daniel Houston Jul 13
June jobs report reveals impact of layoffs on real estate industry
Fears of impending recession and a spate of prominent layoff announcements put only a moderate damper on real estate hiring last month, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
by Daniel Houston Jul 8
Anywhere COO Melissa McSherry: We're sure of our place in real estate
Anywhere Chief Operating Officer Melissa McSherry dished on the Realogy rebrand and her plans to revolutionize real estate through technology ahead of Inman Connect Las Vegas
by Marian McPherson Jul 6
Rent spiked again in April, expected to keep climbing through the year
The pace of rent price growth was more than double what it was a year ago, reaching 14 percent for a single-family home in April, according to a report released Tuesday by CoreLogic
by Taylor Anderson Jun 21
Rental market not immune to cuts as Zumper lays off 15% of staff
A cooling real estate market has already led to cuts at companies far and wide. The San Francisco-based rental search portal is the latest
by Taylor Anderson Jun 17
Homebuyers 'need a bit of a reset,' Fed chair Jerome Powell declares
Jerome Powell on Wednesday acknowledged the tough situation buyers now find themselves in, adding that 'We need to get back to a place where supply and demand are back together'
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 16
Could mortgage rates fall? Agents react to biggest rate hike in 28 years
Reaction to rate hike was mixed on Wednesday as real estate agents noted what they saw as a clear signs of a ‘transitioning market.' Economists say mortgage rates could actually dip
by Taylor Anderson Jun 16
Compensation frustration: Here are 9 alternatives to your non-compete
The truth hurts. Your non-compete may be holding your team back from retaining talent
by Donald "Dek" Bake Jun 13
What are the odds of a housing bubble? 114 experts weigh in
More than 100 housing experts surveyed by Zillow generally agreed that housing prices won't face a big downturn. But a mild recession may be in play later this year or in 2023, they believe
by Daniel Houston Jun 7
Real estate agents received billions in PPP loans during the pandemic
More than $3.9B in pandemic-relief loans went to single-employee real estate entities, according to a new report. Nearly 80% of that amount was forgiven
by Daniel Houston Jun 6
Google searches for 'housing bubble' have been spiking since March
Google Trends experienced a spike in searches for the term 'housing bubble' earlier this spring, and it hasn't fully returned to normal levels, hinting that the topic is at least on a lot of minds
by Jim Dalrymple II May 23
NAR chief economist: We may be in for a 'most unique' recession
Lawrence Yun predicted this year's housing market will see declining sales, rising home prices and an American Dream increasingly out of reach
Realtors get inside look at Capitol Hill politics, including Roe v. Wade
At the NAR midyear conference, journalists Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman answered Realtor questions on abortion, Trump, Biden, the Capitol attack and the upcoming midterm elections
The US economy's run stalls, but real estate forges ahead
The nation's gross domestic product shrank in the first three months of 2022, overshadowing a strong period for residential investment
by Daniel Houston Apr 28
Keller Williams Pres. Marc King has a plan for unproductive agents
Keller Williams President Marc King says the company has a TBA plan to help the 80% of agents who are underproducing level up — playing to the company's belief that the agent is always no. 1
by Marian McPherson Apr 11
Home prices may be 'unhinged' from fundamentals, Fed analysts say
For months, the rise in home prices was in line with underlying indicators. Now, it may have gone too far, a Dallas Fed report suggests
by Daniel Houston Apr 1
A 'she-cession' update 1 year later: Where are these women now?
Inman recently reconnected with women in real estate we spoke with one year ago to see where things stand for them today in terms of work-life balance, in the wake of one of the most upending periods in their lifetimes
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 23
Zillow-owned StreetEasy is turning into a 'de facto MLS,' agents balk
StreetEasy announced on Monday that it would ban listings — not agents — who don't follow the platform's 24-hour listing policy. Agents are saying the change isn't enough
by Marian McPherson Mar 21
Famed coach Brian Buffini urges agents not to fear iBuyers
On the RE/MAX R4 stage this week, former RE/MAX agent and famed real estate coach Brian Buffini shared why agents shouldn't worry about iBuyers and why relationships remain supreme
by Marian McPherson Mar 3
Gary Keller calls 2022 'uncharted territory' in Family Reunion speech
In a 2.5-hour opening address at Keller Williams' 2022 Family Reunion, Gary Keller said agents can navigate the 2022 housing market with good data and excellent service
by Marian McPherson Feb 20