Want more options? Make getting a brokers license your winter project
Flexibility and agility are always useful for independent contractors. Obtaining your brokers license during your downtime gives you more professional options
by Teresa Boardman Nov 3
Gary Keller's best advice for a downturn: The Real Word
This week: Expect more mergers and acquisitions, Gary Keller's advice for the current market and Left, Middle, Right
by Byron Lazine Oct 27
Mid-term elections impact real estate. Vote
We can all ignore elections as being 'political' but that won’t make them go away. No adult who is old enough to vote is above politics
by Teresa Boardman Oct 24
Why is proptech being used to make housing less affordable?
Housing fills a basic human need, so why is proptech being used to enrich the few rather than to benefit the many?
by Teresa Boardman Oct 13
51 blog or video topics for marketing to homesellers
Whether you're creating a new blog post, a YouTube video or content for your social media channels, these topics are designed to help you fill your listing pipeline
by Teresa Boardman Sep 26
Your prediction about the housing market is probably wrong
Forget the memes. If you've been around real estate for any length of time, you know that the only thing you can expect is the unexpected
by Teresa Boardman Sep 1
Does real estate tech ever make you cry?
Real estate companies and associations have spent bazillions on technology that no one wants to use or that quickly becomes obsolete. Here's what would make it better
by Teresa Boardman Aug 1
Affordable housing you say?
Housing could be made more affordable. The problem? It's not in enough people's self-interest to do so
by Teresa Boardman Jul 1
Helping real estate clients choose their ideal neighborhood
Neighborhood quality is subjective, yet Realtors cannot recommend a neighborhood or steer clients into or out of a particular neighborhood. Here's what to do instead
by Teresa Boardman May 26
Yes, we can change how commissions are paid
Rules can and should be changed starting with the way buyer’s agents are paid. Trying to preserve the system at all costs doesn’t make sense
by Teresa Boardman May 4
Is the pandemic over, or isn’t it?
Is the pandemic over? With masks, the economy, in-person meetings and the lasting heartache around COVID-19, it's difficult to tell
by Teresa Boardman Apr 27