NAR can't raise the bar — but your broker can
NAR is the face of real estate — a nice big target to blame when something needs to be fixed. But here's why it's really up to real estate brokerages to raise their standards
by Teresa Boardman Sep 10
It’s Realtor Safety Month. Why is no one talking about the pandemic?
For agents, staying safe on the job includes protecting yourself against COVID-19, but discussion of pandemic protocols has been largely absent from Realtor Safety Month
by Teresa Boardman Sep 23
Your listing presentation makes me look bad. Stop shading your competition
The best thing we can do for our businesses is be honest about the services we provide, how we work and even how the industry itself works. We need to promote our services without suggesting that the competition is greedy, incompetent or unethical
by Teresa Boardman Oct 21
woman exiting purple room
Quitting — a job, a person, a brokerage, a business plan — can often be a way to have more by having less
by Teresa Boardman Dec 15
Does rent control make housing affordable?
St. Paul, Minnesota, recently enacted a new rent control ordinance, capping yearly rent increases at 3%, but is it actually progress for housing affordability? A St. Paul native and real estate pro weighs in
by Teresa Boardman Jan 4
Agents need to stop being relentless with seniors
If you must target seniors in your marketing, please treat them with respect, and know that when the say 'no' they mean it
by Teresa Boardman Jan 26
Is the pandemic over, or isn’t it?
Is the pandemic over? With masks, the economy, in-person meetings and the lasting heartache around COVID-19, it's difficult to tell
by Teresa Boardman Apr 27
Yes, we can change how commissions are paid
Rules can and should be changed starting with the way buyer’s agents are paid. Trying to preserve the system at all costs doesn’t make sense
by Teresa Boardman May 4
Helping real estate clients choose their ideal neighborhood
Neighborhood quality is subjective, yet Realtors cannot recommend a neighborhood or steer clients into or out of a particular neighborhood. Here's what to do instead
by Teresa Boardman May 26