Cara's Stories

Agent referrals can be incredibly helpful for those on the giving end and those on the receiving end, but they still need to be handled with care
Jan 22
Sometimes sellers need a lesson in what not to do to follow their agent's best advice
Jan 8
You might want to go over these points with clients at the beginning of a transaction
Dec 10
Don't let last minute snafus crimp your real estate transaction. Anticipate and prepare to ensure walk-throughs are non-events
Nov 26
Consumers believe these falsehoods about the real estate industry — we need to debunk them
Oct 30
Consistency is key, and the more you put yourself out there, the greater likelihood you will build a roster of prospects to work with
Oct 16
What do agents do to earn their keep? As consumers question agents’ value, it’s worth noting the many (many!) duties agents perform outside of showing, selling and listing homes
Oct 1
The ultimate guide to spotting the nosy neighbors, the voyeurs and the users
Sep 18