Cara's Stories

'Auctioning' a home carries a great deal of responsibility for everyone involved
Mar 15
Proactive is the buzzword when addressing both cosmetic and mechanical components of a listing
Feb 26
Management that fears or loathes hearing the truth need not apply
Feb 21
Which markets were hot, and which were not
Jan 17
Technology will continue to revolutionize the real estate transaction
Dec 29
Buying a newly constructed home involves managing a big project
Nov 16

Buyers and sellers often misunderstand the scope and responsibilities of a real estate agent. Then again, agents don’t really come with a quantifiable job description, which is a big part of the problem in the first place.

Oct 26

After months of hard work, a home sale comes down to one make-or-break moment: the final walkthrough. That nail-biting buyer pop-by before closing can either delight or disappoint.

Oct 5