Shatter your crystal ball -- here's a better market predictor

Inman Market Intel's comprehensive data opens the door for stronger pricing models
  • There are multiple signs the next housing market downturn is around the corner.
  • Inman Market Intel, powered by Weiss Analytics, is the first tool that provides pricing data for 50 million individual properties in 38 different states.
  • What's really exciting about this tool is that it also predicts how prices will change during the next year not only in major metros and ZIP codes but also for individual properties.

At Inman Connect New York, Brad Inman said that he was thinking about buying another house. I wanted to stand up and say, “Don’t do it — the next downturn is on the way!” There are multiple signs the next downturn is around the corner, but what if you could predict whether a specific property in a given market area would increase or decrease in price during the next year?