Top brokers' secrets to working with the elite and famous

  • High-end brokers and developers are cautiously optimistic about the current market.
  • The things luxury buyers are seeking in their properties remain relatively unchanged -- exclusivity, privacy, amenities.
  • When working with foreign buyers, pay attention to cultural differences.
  • Understand your market and use your branding and marketing to sell a story that supports your market.
  • It's in the managing transactions and advising clients that agents prove their true value.

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Inman Connect New York | January 29 - February 1, 2019

What should agents make of the buzz surrounding the New York City luxury housing cooldown? At Global Connect, Louise Phillips Forbes, a broker at Halstead Property, described the slowed market pace as more of a “healthy pause.” “The rise we’ve experienced since 2014 — we can’t even keep up with it,” she said. “So I’m cautiously optimistic.”