Why aren’t agents taking advantage of this social media goldmine?

Are you answering questions where your clients are asking them?
  • One of the most popular groups in my Facebook feed is my local neighborhood group.
  • Surprisingly, there seem to be few real estate agents present to answer relevant questions.

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Last week, a drama unfolded in my neck of the woods: A goose was lost and found. The goose was apparently escaping from an aggressive dog and flew too far. It wandered into the yard of someone who snapped a photo of it and posted it on a specific Facebook group -- for people who live in my neck of the woods. "Lost goose!" "That's my goose!" commented a neighbor. "Please keep him safe!" (The drama ends happily -- goose and human were safely reunited.) This is not a scenario wherein a real estate agent could have solved a problem or answered a question. But it did make me wonder, considering all of the time and energy spent on Facebook by real estate agents -- in groups, on ads, on their own profiles -- why aren't there more of them in my very active community group? And if they are there, why aren't they more visible? Missed opportunities Here are just a few of the questions people have asked recently that an agent could have answered, but didn't (as far as I could tel...