How to embed productivity coaching at every level of your office

Brian Icenhower on builing the fastest growing Keller Williams office in 2015
  • Think of your office as a built-in productivity coaching company.
  • Get your agents focused on the right goals for the stage they’re in.
  • The inside sales associate role is the toughest to coach -- if you haven’t done the work, you won’t have the credibility to hire and coach an ISA.

Whether you’re recruiting to build a team or a brokerage, you have two duties: to increase your agents’ production and to increase the size of your office by recruiting agents. Either way, your office must be set up in a way that helps your agents sell more real estate. You have to be able to produce results, then get that message into the community. In our latest mastermind, Brian Icenhower shares how embedding productivity coaching at every level helped explode his recruiting efforts.