Could Yahoo become the third massive real estate portal?

A bid by Dan Gilbert and Warren Buffett means the portal space could get more crowded
  • Yahoo could readily shift to a lead-generation machine, much like and Zillow have become.
  • You can imagine a variety of financial-related companies, including real estate, plugging into Yahoo for leads.

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Dan Gilbert Imagine if all-purpose guru Dan Gilbert of Quicken (online lender) and mega-rich ethical capitalist Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway (owns HomeServices) are the winning bidders for Yahoo. It was reported over the weekend that they have teamed up and are on the hunt. For the first time in history, real estate-related companies would own their own consumer distribution channel. (Footnote: Yes, the National Association of Realtors did own a big chunk of, but it is a trade association -- and brokers, agents and franchises were a creek or two away away from owning their own stream of leads.) Consider: Yahoo, although second fiddle to Google, remains a mighty portal. Currently, Zillow powers Yahoo's real estate channel -- but anything can change. Purportedly, Gilbert is interested in Yahoo because of the verticals like its popular finance channel -- which are being poorly monetized, according to some cyber ad experts. It's ad-supported tod...